And Then There was #Batkid

batkid bike

Hope is good and it keeps us curious in most uncertain of times. And Hope is what people of San Francisco gave to the 5 year old Miles who is fighting Leukemia. Make-a-wish foundation made Miles dream possible of becoming the Batman. San Francisco morphed itself as Gotham city ,Twelve Thousand volunteers came to cheer Miles as he saved the day at SF Gotham city.

It was a hallmark of creativity and kindness of the Volunteers and Batkid went on saving the city from Robbers and Kidnappers.

BatKid making his move
BatKid making his move 

It didn’t take long, Miles became a sweetheart of Social media. #Batkid was the trending topic on Twitter on both Friday and Saturday.Even President Obama took time to congratulate the Batkid.  


Everyone, who is fighting cancer is some sort of super hero and these kind of events surely gives extra strength to the Cancer fighters.

I was so moved by it when I read about it. Only San Francisco could do something like it. Kudos to the foundation, volunteers, media, people of SF and everyone else associated with this event.



Batkid get a hug from the Woman who was rescued

Batkid get a hug from the Woman who was rescued

You can catch some highlights of the events of “Gotham” city from Friday from the video below

And here is the Front page of Gotham City Cronicle.

Batkid saves the day
Batkid saves the day

People of “Gotham”, You are Awesome.



18 thoughts on “And Then There was #Batkid

  1. Indeed a Great Initiative and Effort of the part of SF..Such Events make you forget about such deadly disease and make you feel better and provide happiness and hope too.. 🙂


      1. Indeed such things needed to be done in India in Mass Basis..
        Sometime back one of my relative had Cancer and underwent treatment,now she is all fine..But When she was undergoing treatment we just made sure that she never felt left out or never feel sad,We Just tried to keep her Happy as much as Possible and that has paid off well..Now she is all fine.. 🙂


  2. I was following this as well. So so good for a whole city to get into this and give the child such a wonderful experience. I had tears in my eyes the whole time and wish we could do stuff like this for sick kids here


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