Indian Personalities Who Deserve a Biopic (Part II)

Earlier this year, I made the list of Indian personalities who deserve a Biopic and cheekily ended the tittle by giving it Part I. So, here I am back with my another list of Indian personalities whose Biopic I would love to see. To be honest, this has been a good year for Biopics. Bhag Milka Bhag (Milka Singh) was a brilliant movie and Shahid was a good attempt to capture the times of spamster Hanshal Patel. Of my last list, Mary Kom’s biopic is under production with Priyanka Chopra as lead and my favorite, Ramanujan‘s have 2 biopic coming up, both produced outside India.

So, here is part II of my list.

1. Major Dyan Chand

India's Brightest Sportstar
India’s Brightest Sports star

At this time, the whole country is going gaga on the retirement of Sachin Tendulkar. Newspaper columns, TV channels and blogs are full with the tribute to the greatest modern icon of India. However, we need to spare some thoughts on the greatest sportsman India has really created, i.e. Major Dhyan Chand. It was during Dhyan Chand’s exploration, India did a Hat-trick of gold medals in the field Hockey in Olympics (1928, 1932 and 1936) where he won the hearts of many. He was lauded as “Magicians” , the streets of Berlin during 1936 Olympics where full of his posters, Hitler were among his fans and he was pride of many Indians. Such was his cult that in Austria, there is a statue of Dhyan Chand with 4 hands and 4 hockey sticks demonstrating his magic. India celebrates National Sports Day on his birthday and in London, there is a tube station named after him. In short, this generation deserves to know about its brightest sports star.

Bonus Read: Do you know the encounter between Hockey’s greatest Dhyan Chand and Cricket’s great Sir Don Bradman? Click on the image below for more information. 

Sir Don Bradman's admiration for Dhyan Chand
Sir Don Bradman’s admiration for Dhyan Chand

2. Ram Manohar Lohia 

1st generation politician of Independent India
1st generation politician of Independent India

Ram Mahohar Lohia was the freedom activist during India’s struggle for independence from British Raaj. There are many activist of this era, who have been glorified in popular media like movies and documentaries and seldom anything is written or said about Dr. Lohia’s contribution. An out-and-out socialist intellectual, Dr. Lohia not only helped during the freedom movement, but he also had a good role in shaping the Indian politics and parliament. One of his biggest strength was lobbying his thoughts against British raaj through western and African media. His movement was not only active in India, but also in Germany, Geneva, Nepal and Goa (then a Portuguese colony). Post independence, he was active in bringing many parliamentary reforms and also shaped the first opposition party against Indian National Congress.

He was anti-captialist and also anti-Marxist which was rare in the cold war era world. His socialist philosophy was inclusive growth by closing the bridge of caste problem of Indian Society, stating Caste as permanent “Class” problem of India. Though he was fluent in German  and English, he advocated the use of Hindi in Indian Government offices. His famous Anti-English lines were,

British rule in India with 2 weapons, “Ek Bandook ki Goli, Aur Angrezze ki Boli” (With the bullet of gun and the language of English)

Bonus Read: Do you know the role of Dr Ram Manohar Lohia in the freedom Struggle of Goa? Click on the below picture for more information.

Dr. Lohia was part of first freedom struggle of Goa
Dr. Lohia was part of first freedom struggle of Goa

  3. Ustad Bismillah Khan

Maybe his most Glamorous Photo ever, The soul of Shahnai
Maybe his most Glamorous Photo ever, The soul of Shahnai

While Pandit Ravi Shankar flew all over world and made Indian Classical music popular all over, Ustad Bismillah Khan confined himself to the banks of Ganga in Benaras, hiding from the attention, limelight and also Bollywood. He single handed made Shahnai (an Indian Classical Wind Instrument) popular in mainstream music in India and he was also the symbol of communal harmony of India. Born in Muslim family, he was devotee of Hindu Goddess of Knowledge and Art, Sawarsati and use to play Shahnai in many hindu temples including the famous Kashi  Vishwanath Temple. He was invited to play Shanahi during India’s first Independence celebration at Red Fort by then Prime Minister of India, Pt. J.L. Nehru. Since then , his Shahnai became the symbol of India’s independence celebration. Due to fear of flying, he declined many invitation to perform aboard and most was seen enjoying his evening in the banks of Ganga, doing Rihaaz with Shahnai, which were his true love of life. He was awarded Bharat Ratna, the highest Civilian honor in 2001.

If time permits you, do listen to the soulful Raga Bairagi Bhairavi, by Ustad .

Bonus Read: Ustad, India’s soulful master of Music

4. Narayan Murthy:

A business, A Hero
A business, A Hero

If India’s growing middle class needs a hero-figure or role-model, they should not look beyond N.R. Narayan Murthy. He co-founded Infosys, which is India’s 2nd largest IT company. Bought up in the middle class family, he studied engineering, did a stable job at Patni computers and then did something completing out of books of Working class India, starting a company.

Fortune magazine ranks Murthy at 12th on the list of all time entrepreneur of the world. In India, he is also the a symbol of corporate governance, and business ethics. His opinion matters as his views are sought for everything. He is practically how an average intelligent Indian wants to be.

Please let me know what do you think about my list. Also , share you favorites for Biopics.

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