3 Awesome books by my Secret Book Giver
3 Awesome books by my Secret Book Giver

In the Sunday afteroon, between 3 pm to 4 pm (Indian Standard Time), you might notice in India’s Trending Topics on Twitter,   #TSBC trending. This encrypted hastag simply means “The Sunday Book Club”.  This is the power of internet and determination of few individuals who have brought together many book lovers.  At the time of this post, TSBC already have more than 1800 followers, from different parts of the world. Actually its like a support group for the book lovers who still think that paperback is better than kindle (I mean most of use believe that), Book release is better event than movie release, and only think better than “a book ” is 2-books. (or 3 or 4 and so on)

As #TSBC is already a trend setter (on Twitter atleast), it started a unique Book exchange program which brought back some of the joyful memories of having a penpal.  The book exchange program works on the principle of Secret Santa. So, you are assigned the name and the address, you are suppose to send the book(s) without revealing your identity. We call it Secret Book GIver or simply #SBG on Twitter.

While I was guilty of delaying my dispatch due to long Travel days in October (I finally did, However!) , my #SBG was kind enough to send me 3 awesome books. They were “Who ordered This Truckload of Dung” , “40 Sufi comics” and”The Origin and Spread of Vipassana”. (See the picture above)

The message for me !
The message for me !

The best part of the books that I have received was that they were the books which I had not read yet and I am really in to these genre. Each book came with the message, which were hand written, with the purity of soul which demands nothing in return.

40 Sufi Comics is the book which is solely dedicated in giving the lessons of Holy Quran  in a very simple way. The lessons are divided in to Ethics , Spirituality, and Philosophy.

Another one in the 40 Sufi Comics
Another one in the 40 Sufi Comics

The Origin and Spread of Vipassana, is the book based on Buddha’s Noble teaching complied by Acharya S.N Goenka. There are stories, pictures and the tales which are very inspiring and easy to read on.  I have not yet gone through “Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung” which is again book based on Buddhist teaching with a light humored language.

The Message on "The Origin & Spread of Vipassana"
The Message on “The Origin & Spread of Vipassana”

I can’t thank my SBG any less for these wonderful books and the messages they had. Again, thanks to TSBC for creating this platform for exchange of these passion of books.

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  1. Nice venture. Didn’t know about it. Thanks for the information.


    1. Your welcome. Feel free to join us here 🙂


  2. pareshkale says:

    NIce idea !


    1. Yes, its indeed it nice idea, but it also requires a lot of trust. You have to share your number et all with the strangers but till now, all the folks in the pack are good.


  3. Vinaya says:

    cool concept…happy reading!!


    1. Thank you .. Happy reading to you too !!


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