So You think you know all about Wolverine ?


After 3 X-Men Movies and 3 Origin Movies, Wolverine is still the most popular character from the franchise.  Here are some interesting facts, which the movies might have missed.

1. Logan & Jean

Logan and Jean
Logan and Jean

Logan was attracted towards Jean Grey, because she looked similar to his childhood sweetheart Rose. However, when Logan met Jean, all the memories of Rose was wiped out. Still he sub-consciously moved towards Jean. That is eternal love that you Mills & Booners talk about  :p

2. Wolverine The Father

Yup, Canadian-Japanese-Human-Mutant-Wolverine kid
Yup, Canadian-Japanese-Human-Mutant-Wolverine kid

After World War I, Wolverine settle downs in Japan and marries Itsu. Together, they had a son named Daken. Unlike the picture above (Which I suppose is a  fan drawing I found on internet), there is no proof that Daken had his father’s power or claws.

3. Wolverine and Captain America

Captain America and Wolverine together in the WWII
Captain America and Wolverine together in the WWII

Yes, they fought together in the World War -II. I know, most of you will be disappointed to not see that in a movie, neither movies acknowledged it.

4. Wolverine and the Incredible Hulk 

That is an ultimate War
That is an ultimate War

Wolverine was hired by Canadian Govt. for special missions. One of his first mission was to stop The Hulk. All the best buddy

5. What is with Prof. Xavier ?

Professor Charles Xavier

Logan was then send to kill Prof. Xavier, but the prof. wiped out  Logan’s  memory and then hired him as X-Men. You might notice in the first X-Men movie, that Prof. gave away some hints that he knew Wolverine earlier. In X-Men first class shows Prof. and Magneto’s  encounter with Wolverine. In the X-Men, 2nd movie, Magneto said to Logan  that Charles has not been totally honest with him.

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  1. indrani says:

    Good compilation of facts!


    1. Facts about Fictitious characters is my hobby :p


  2. typo captain planet .. ya ya 🙂 i know ……obsession to captain planet


    1. Aah…needs a correction..


  3. nyc new sm of them ….


    1. You Geek(a), I geek(a)…


  4. Neha Bhambu says:

    Interesting trivia about wolverine. I am a great fan of wolverine too and here’s my review of latest wolverine movie:


    1. Hi Neha. Thank you for your comment. I went through your blog. Very nice review of the movie


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