Book Review: The Time Keeper

The TimeKeeper By Mitch Albom
The TimeKeeper By Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom’s books like “For Another Day”, “Tuesdays with Morrie” and “5 People you meet in heaven”, they all teach us to appreciate what we have, specially the time. In his latest book, The Time Keeper, the message is similar. Like the most of his previous books has added some super-natural twist in this fictional narration.

Two different persons  – Victor, a rich businessman in his twilight years and  Sarah, a teenager with love issues, are going to learn one important lesson of life-“To respect time”.  The person who takes this assignment  is none other then  Dor or father time, who invented time, some 6000 years ago.

Victor Delamonte is one of the richest person on earth who is trying his best to beat the  time and live eternally. After investing millions of Dollars, he is planning to freeze his body and wait for future when the cure for his old age and disease is available. Till that time, he would be frozen in time. Then, we have Sarah Lemon who wants to end her life in tender teenage after being heart broken by the Guy she loves.  Father time, after thousands of years in Cave has returned to earth with the mission to teach these people the importance of time. In Victor’s case , Father Time exhibited that how living beyond ones designated time can be dangerous. To Sarah, the message was very clear, respect the time you have. To end the life before the time can effect the lives of many loved ones. The future is full of opportunities and past is just, well past.

Mitch gives space to all the  three main characters of the book. Their character is justified by good look in their past and their thought process. There is always great deal to take from his books and “The Timekeeper” is no different.


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9 Comments Add yours

  1. indrani says:

    I must find ‘time’ for this ‘The Timekeeper’.


    1. Sure, you must. 🙂


  2. Nice.. Will definitely read this book.. start giving ratings to books you read.


    1. Hey Vikash. Thanks for your comment. I will add ratings as well. I rate most of the books I read in my goodreads account. You can browse them here,


  3. Arushi Lohia says:

    I need to take out time for this one !! Was reminded of an extract of a poem i had read long back –
    Time present and time past
    Are both perhaps present in time future
    And time future contained in time past.
    If all time is eternally present
    All time is unredeemable.


    1. Hey, thanks for your comment. You should really go for this one (I can send you the copy if you want!!). Who wrote this poem?


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