5 #Epic Dev Anand Moments

Cindy Crawford is Dev Anand’s Dead Mother in Awal Number

Dev Anand could do anything and still be charming. Observe the picture above. He has a picture of Cindy Crawford as his dead mother. He has placed a blue scarf as garland and he is wearing a matching Jacket. Can’t miss it right?

Here are 5 Epic moment of the great Dev Anand. Most of them are from his recent movies like “Love at Time Square” and “Mister Prime Minister”. Both are must must watch. Shame I couldn’t see his last movie, “Chargesheet” yet.

1.The Greatest torture in the History of Bollywood.

In a small village, where Dev was writing his dairy by the light of candle because of power failure, is kidnapped by Goons and tortured  so badly that he could re-gain his lost memory and start romantic conversation with his Italian wife in London. Watchout Snowden !!

2. My Wife= 1/3rd My Age

Yes, he did had an international taste. Watch him romancing with his Italian wife. Also, many people are curious on how Prime Ministers are selected in India. Its a very sophisticated procedure which you could witness in this video. Probably he was too drunk when he wrote this scene.

3. Dev Anand, The King of Tragedy (And also Comedy, in the same scene) 

Forget Romancing, he is also known for spelling the perfect tragic scenes, like in the video below, where Dev narrates  the tragic plane crash which took away his  wife to his daughter. (Warning: You may not handle it!!)


4. Rajnikant has done it but Dev already did it, long before Rajni 

5. Dev Saheb was also present during 9/11.

Or we could see it other way around, Dev Anand could see Twin Tower burning from Safdargunj Hospital Bed. Also, he can telepathically make others watch it.

Do share if you have any awesome Dev Anand moment.

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. My Say says:

    this is for the first time I saw all this !! Everything is hilarious to an extent beyond imagination.His legacy can never be challenged neither will his awful movies be forgotten!thanks for sharing these videos which made me smile,giggle and laugh . Disaster has a limit .. 9/11 scene challenged that as well 😀


    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Its hard to believe that he did all these things plus his legendary movies in 1 lifetime. 9/11 scene was too hard to take, also the way his Prime Ministerial Wet dream with his Italian Wife, God !!

      Thanks for Your Comment


  2. gc1963 says:

    I just got curious. Taking a round…Shall get some time on hand to read your interesting takes on various topics. G’Night!



    1. Thank you Geetashree for your kind comment. Do come around and let me know what do you think.

      Good Night


  3. Hi Avinash,
    This is interesting compilation. Your posts are infrequent but worth reading and watching too.


    1. I know my frequency is not good but can’t help it, I usually don’t get any time for the blogs. The work keeps me occupied for most of time. Anyways, thank you for your appreciation Suhas .



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