Clerk: The Deputy to the Cult called Gunda

In India, there is no movie which comes close to popularity of Gunda.  IITs, IIMs , DU, & MU , et all have fan clubs for it. There are fanboys spread all over social media re-chanting the works of wonder-maker, Kanti Shah and his team of Geniuses . There is so much said and written about the Gunda ,(For  many who still are not aware about the classic by Mithun daa and his gundas, can enjoy the 8 mins of the  movie.) but the question is, what to do after gunda ends? Are there anything else to watch for ? Is there any deputy to the cult called Gunda?

Poster of the classic “Clerk”

And the answer is Manoj Kumar’s 1989 classic feature film based on life of ever struggling Clerk, with the same name. The movie is one extremist kind of tragedy on Bharat (Manoj Kumar) who is a clerk in Govt Office. Proud son of retired  Army-man (Ashok Kumar) of Azad Hind Fauj, Bharat is a honest clerk who refuses to get in his office way of corruption and hence is failure in his life. The only earning member of his family, Bharat is survived by his aging parents, where father is a heart patient and mother can do nothing else but look after him. Bharat’s elder brother is war veteran who use to work with Air Force before he was injured in the war and now lives with burnt  face, one functioning foot and alcohol addiction. Bharat’s bhabhi does not work at all but manages some money at the end of each month for the family (for which his husband suspects prostitution). Younger brother and sister are in college whose fees are the  last nail in Bharat’s coffin. However, where there is no money and hope, there is love and faith. Don’t miss this scene where Bharat saves his father out of heart attack without Doctor, medicines or any Baba’s intervention. Surely one of the greatest scene of Hindi Cinema.

Now lets move on to his office. Bharat is a honest clerk, in the Indian Government office, that makes him an odd man. His boss hates him because he can not mint money for the team. He is ridiculed and insulted regularly by his boss which makes very hostile work environment for him. His sorrows does not end here. His ex-girlfriend (Rekha) and her husband (Sashi Kapoor) constantly torture him, mocking his financial condition (I dont know why, move on lady !).

However, this broken lad attracts a colleague in the office who is all rose for him. It finally seems nothing can go wrong in his life now but his girlfriend is, wait for it, “Raped” by her own father (who does not know that she is his bastard child, Ouch !). If you are still reading my post then you might be interested in watching the most unusual rape scene in the history of Indian Cinema.

Here we go!

Now, lets come to the music of the movie, you have to watch this song . ! This biographic, tragedy filled song (Almost as long as entire Sergeant Peppers lonely Heart Club Band Album ) sums up the movie. “Main Ek Calerk HOOO!!”

So, folks, watch this mater-piece and let me know what you think!

23 thoughts on “Clerk: The Deputy to the Cult called Gunda

  1. How and when did you see this ? Amazing and out of the world post. Very innovative and totally different. Only one thing you are great. What the hell are you doing in sales .


    1. Thank you for your flattering words. I saw this movie few months back & it was haunting me to write about it. I am glad that you enjoyed the post.
      Thank you once again for your encouragement 🙂


  2. Hi Avinash,
    The post indeed is absolutely creative with few words but unlike many other movie reviews, this post makes readers go to the end of this post. Sometimes I love old Hindi cinema but that sometime is very rare these days. I am sure that you can gain true popularity by reviewing movies.


    1. Did you really like my review. I mean I was mocking the movie whole time. Thank you for your kind comment. I wish I will be popular soon but will be by movie reviewing? well I am not sure. Maybe because I dont watch many. Thank you again for motivating words.


      1. That was really fuuny. I wanted to write a post on DJ Devil (Haryanvi Hip-Hop artist) for so long,but now your post on Bhojpuri R&B artist has inspired me to complete the post. Kudos


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