Goodreads Reading Challenge 2013, Half-year Report

Reading Challenge 2013
Reading Challenge 2013

For the first time, I took the reading challenge,simply to keep me motivated to read more. (Its not that I don’t enjoy doing it )
Here is my Half Year Result :

Original Challenge: 25 books a Year
Number of Books Completed: 12
Percentage of Completion: 48%

The Details of my books are as under :

The books I have read this year
The books I have read this year

I also signed up for the Challenge for reading Maximum number of Indian Books:

My Indian Books 2013 stats are:

Original Challenge: 15 Books
Number of Books Completed: 7 Books
Percentage of Completion: 46%

Here are my Indian Books, 2013

My Indian Books this year
My Indian Books this year

Reading Analysis of 2013 (So far….)

My Favorite Genre in 2013: Mythology or Mythological Fiction (5 Books)

My Favorite Author in 2013: Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik (3 Books)



If you have singed into any reading challenge then do let me know. Also please suggest me books to complete my reading Challenge 🙂

By the way, Are you on goodreads? (lets catch up)

Happy Reading


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9 thoughts on “Goodreads Reading Challenge 2013, Half-year Report

  1. Awesome … never trust a man who has only read one book. A good challenge indeed. Before kids, I used to read 1-3 books a week. Now I am reading bed time stories for the boys. Just as well, when you have been blessed to be be a reader it might be good to take some time out and pass on the passion for books to the next generation. I hope you can inspire a lot of people!


    1. I remember in my prime, I have read more than 100 books a year. Reading stories to the kids must be one of the best part of parenting I guess. With the parents like you, the next generation is in safe hands .
      Happy Reading


  2. good one… to accept challenge and finish it is always good… a good collection of books… i used to read too many books when I was in my Engineering days. Now after moving into management studies, I don’t get the time to read and my interest has shifted from Fiction to Non Fiction.


    1. I understand. My reading has come down so much because of work. Thats why I took this challenge so that it keeps me motivated. Over the years, I have also seen shift in my interest, I can understand your transformation from fiction to non-fiction.


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