#Travel: Make most of Indian Towns

If your work takes you places around India, then there must be moment,  that you are stuck in the unknown town with no company at all. Towns may lack the excitement of the city but for the curious mind, has a lot to offer. If you run out of ideas, here are my suggestions  to make most of the Indian Towns.

1. Seek Spirituality

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Every town in India has that Old temple, little monastery, decorated dargah or celebrated Church. After you are done with your work, find out from the locals and make a trip there. You will find that the town revolves around these temples, stupas, dargahs and Church. Its a meeting point, social center and town center

You can find a place to pray or find peace in your busy schedule.

2. Street Food

Heavenly Moms
Heavenly Momos

From Badiyan of Agra, Firni of Amritsar, Momos of Gangtok, Jalebi of Kanpur, Wada Pav of Shirdi to home made chocolates of Ooty, step out of your hotel and gulp the best of India in the streets of these towns. Every city have these  treats reserved as their specialty. Keep enough room for Kulfi and kulard (Clay pot) Chai.

3. Champi

Indian Head Message - Champi
Indian Head Message – Champi

Time to pamper yourself in desi style. Oil Head Massage aka Champi will help you  relive stress and feel free again. You can choose from different variety of oils (Coconut, almond, menthol). Find yourself a neighborhood barbershop and ask him to do champi and then see the magic. It may appear violent in the beginning but slowly you will grow into it. Hindi songs in the background is compulsory for maximum effect.

4. Photography

DOn't forget to bring your camera  Credits: www.greenbaypressgazette.com
DOn’t forget to bring your camera
Credits: http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com

Indian towns can be a delight for your camera lenses. Since you already discovered the spiritual places and street food, your next move should be to find other places to click. Do not forget the Railway stations as it is the heart of these towns in India. Chai walas (Tea shops), Wheelers Book deport is in all the stations. The bazaar, the highways and the old buildings will never disappoint you. You may also find a piece of history in these towns in form of old building, monument or park.

5. Rikshaw/ Tonga Ride

Tonga @ Lucknow Credits: http://www.indiamike.com

Tonga ride (Baggi) from Marine Drive to Colaba in Mumbai may cost you Rs 2500 whereas a Tonga ride from Ambala Station to market will only cost you Rs 30!! Jump in and take the city tour in Tongas and Rikshaws. Discover the narrow Gullies, old street and let the day travel in its own pace.



13 Comments Add yours

  1. vishalrathod76 says:

    All the five things must be done to explore Real India. Nice one Avinash . You could have added two more in your list .


    1. Thank you Vishal, And what are two more points?


  2. My Say says:

    nice post !!! the 2nd snap reminded me of Darj veg momos down the mall road and those days when i would stay there for weeks …. booze and have momos and roam about the lanes and rocks of the amazing hill-station… …and yes ..photography sure … because India has vibrant colour spread all over very unevenly .. the randomness of bright and dull colours in life and environment is what makes India a heaven for photography !!! 🙂


    1. For the 2nd snap, there was a competition between bhalle of Agra and Momos of Darjeeling. Booze and Momos are surely the match made in heaven.
      +1 about photography. Wherever you go India, there is never enough films (or SD cards now a days 😦 ) in your camera to capture.


  3. Amresh Kumar says:

    wonderful and you have really describe real India …


  4. debopambanerjee says:

    Thoughtful collection and a nice post…………….. Though the rickshaw / tonga ride is not possible always…… Spirituality, street food and photography are must…………


    1. Thank you for the comment. True that Rickshaw/Tonga ride is not always possible


  5. Champi!! YES 😀 Never thought of that before, but next time I’m stuck in such a situation, champi it is 😉


    1. Yes, yes, you should do that. Its an Indian Style Zen


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