Cool Error Message is In

Now a days , designers and marketers spend so much time on their website designs that even a loners like simple error page gets a fancy makeover.

Few years back Facebook use to show a blank error message


Which then gets Owned by Twitter’s Overloading Whale

Twitter Overcapacity

And it Doesn’t End here

This is Tumblr I guess

tumblr-over-capacity doing it right

Goodreads Overcapacity

Envato Marketplaces , just being Awesome !!


Did i miss any cool error messages ?  Please let me know !!

Time to give room no. 404 a makeover ?

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  1. This one is not related to error pages..but i really like this “page not found” page by Mashable.


    1. Wow.. Mashable is going it good !!


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