To be honest, 2012 has been one of the best years for Internet Memes. Imagination and creativity of millions of jobless folks of my generation (which includes me of course !) has given us loads of laugh hours this year. However, in and around these good stuffs , there were some irritating and wasteful Memes too. Some old , some new, some we don’t want to see again! Here is my list of Memes which have lived their peaks and now its time to retire :

1. Keep Calm and Do something Useful:

See what outdated Meme do to you!

This is easily one of the oldest Meme in the history dated back to the start of II World War. The British propaganda poster to boast the morale of the people were originally written as original words as “Keep Calm and Carry On.” 70 years has been passed since and there is no signs of stopping for this poster turned MEME. Even bright minds ! couldn’t stop using it. Time has come that we retire this meme with some dignity. This war hero needs some rest. (And also we are bored of it !)

The original keep calm Posters

The original keep calm Poster

2. Overly Attached Girl-friend (Christ !)

Enough !

See Laina (The original Overly Attached Girlfriend) you are sweet young girl but your smiling face with wide eyes and stalkish expressions crap hell out of Boykind all over world. I know its not your fault that some people took shots from your video uploaded for Justin Bieber (You like Biebee? No wonders!) . These worst Nightmarish meme started in June 2012 and bombarded netsphere since. To be honest, in most of the post with this meme are in good humor but still many are disturbing and according to some Feminist group are  also “sexist”. See whatever it is, it needs to go away. Like Now !

3. YOLO (You Only Live Once….Now Retire , Please !)


Yes you Should  Via

YOLO (You Only live Once) Motto became internet sensation this year . Every one started justifying doing something stupid with YOLO. Like this motto was designed in Chemical bomb Factories of  Saddam Hussain in Iraq (which Bush couldn’t find) to paralyze our divine generation. But sadly this was just another “gift” of Hip-Hop with “obvious”  good intentions . Now YOLO , you had your time, don’t show  your face in 2013.

4. What I really Do ? (let it be a secret )

What i really do memes

The Secret is out

This Meme might have started with some Science or Technology geeks autobiography but has spread like epidemic.  People have stopped going to church for confessions and started doing their professional confessions on internet through this Meme. Worked very well in the beginning but the flood of this Meme has made many of us sick and still make it impossible to complete the entire post.

5. Look at all these Dumb Memes


Like Do I really need to say anything about this ?



See the Original Post 


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