Sing Aloud with Your Children: The John Lennon’s Christmas Songs

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Lennon the Legend
Lennon the Legend

Happy Xmas (War is Over)

This is that time of year when we sit down to plan our holidays, decorate our home, tell kids some lies about a fat guy in red suit who would give us gifts if we stood nice and sing loads of happy Christmas songs . Of all those happy Christmas songs, the one which stands out is the song written by John Lennon credited to John and Yoko.

I know this song does not count among our traditional holiday songs, but there is a great deal of message and goodness in this song. The message is simple

“War is over, if you want it


Just the message which we should give our kids, that we are good or bad, however we want it. The song is not only about the War, it is also about our moral responsibilities. It just makes us think – “another year over, and we  haven’t yet begun”. The chorus by  the Harlem Community Choir is beautifully timed as well.

Released in 1971, this song was portrait as a protest of  America’s involvement in Vietnam War. It was inspired by 1969 campaign of John and Yoko by the same name. They hired all major billboards and high rise Apartments, planned white Posters with their simple message loud and clear.

War is Over

Yoko Ono is stilling running this campaign on her website ( The Website hosts over 100 posters in 100 different languages.  People from around the world can download it in whatever sign they want.

Happy Christmas John and Yoko !!

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