Book Review: The Secret of the Nagas

Part II of the The Shiva Trilogy
Part II of the The Shiva Trilogy

As, I promised, here is the review of The Secret of the Nagas, the part II of Shiva Trilogy, created by Amish Tripathi.  The story starts from where Immortals of Meluha ended.  (You can read my review of Immortals of Meluha here)

After defecting the Chandravanshi’s in the war, Shiva and his troops discover that the Nagas, chief reason for war, were not an ally of Chandravanshis’. Shiva unites  both  kingdoms and make them political and military allies. Influenced by legend of Neelkanth, both Kingdom decides to unite in search of Nagas. During the course of his journey, there are many adventures, mini battles, betrayals and revelations.

The author uses his knowledge of History, geography and mythology to make many episodes believable. However, like is language, not everything in his book is  historically timed. For example, during one episode, he mentions a hybrid creature called Liger. Liger is the crossbreed of Tiger and Lion which had no record before 17th century.

Amish also introduced more Hindu Gods as the characters in this book, like Karthik, Ganesha and Goddess Kali. The book does not disappoint the readers expectations which were raised by the excitement of the first installment. The book climax was mastered as sub-plot for the next part which again promises to be more adventures and revelations.

Overall this book was engaging read and makes it worth to wait for the third and the final installment of the Trilogy.

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