5 unpleasant Facts about Being an Adult

Contrary to popular believe, being adult is not all that cool. Kids, if you are reading this, be prepared for the horror story called adulthood. All those things which looked awesome about adults, when we are kids, are actually LAME. Next few lines may be shocking which you folks should deal with.

1.       Phantom Sweet Cigarettes are better than Real Cigarettes

Phantom Sweet Ciggretes
For real “High” moments of life

Remember watching those college herds puffing smokes in a cool Clint Eastwood style. Remember that fantasy play-acting with our own Phantom Sweet  Cigarettes (which were also fantasy lipsticks for girls when used other side around). As an adult, we all tried it, and few of us also made a liking of it but it tastes awful and does some crazy things in your mind. However, it does not make god mad at us as our parents told us , but it can give us something called “Cancer”.  I still like those sweet cigarettes but some of these adult hormones make you little shy and you can’t roam freely around with Phantom cigarettes especially when you are in college.

2.       Shaving isn’t Cool

No…its not that fun

Dad always looked cool when he shaved. The strike of those razors, careful contacts in the corners, narrow shipping in mustache area; it was like sword fight with oneself. Shaving always looked like a license of being independent. Come puberty and we realize that it is just  another adulthood trap. Guys, you don’t know what it is like to have hair on your face in an irregular pattern. It suck to give so much attention, time and care when you know they will return as soon as moon. It will kill your creative time (or playstation time/flirt time/sleep time/ joblessly staring at the ceiling time or whatever time) and make your life hard to deal with.

3.       Tom and Jerry is Still Funny

Yes…why grow up

We use to never get what big people use to watch. Those serious soaps with jealousy , love, anger, revenge were all Greek to us and we were happy watching our no brainer entertainers like Tom and Jerry, loony Tunes, Flintstones et all. However, secretly we all thought that, one day we will grow into these adults soap and eventually start enjoying them. Come adulthood, and still those soaps are hard to shallow. It seems, like the love at first site, we still cannot get over the affection of our Toms & Jerrys and they are still funny and also relevant.

4.       School was not all that bad


school is kool !

No matter how much we hated our school, the teachers, the assignments etc but now we realize that school is one of the best things happened to us. Believe it or not, college is a strange universe. Unlike School, not everyone is your friend. You have to find your people to hang out with, just like those wandering cattle in the field. You may anyway survive college but life after that is just like those boring Television soap which we all don’t want to watch. All this time, all you will wish is to go back to your own place called school.

`5.       Business and Life are fun on Board Games only


Ya i know its easy

Monopoly, one of the most interesting board game does get you thinking that business is actually very interesting thing. Also the game of “Life” made things like Marriage, Kids, Job, Fortune etc look so easy and interesting. You might think that you will nail these things in real life too. Love it or hate it but the truth is none of them are fun in real life. But when the reality hits you hard, it is too late to return to those games L

16 Comments Add yours

  1. loved your take on adulthood!


  2. paulokevin says:

    hhahaha.. nice post.

    i am curious about that Phantom Sweet Cigarettes.. are those legal and still out on the market in your country? Are those candies only? Because in my part, i don’t think it is good for the young or children, maybe it could give them a wrong notion that “Cigarette Smoking is Sweet. you know, they are like phantom candies” i don’t think it’s a good market for kids.

    yeah, i agree… shaving isn’t easy thing to do… it is pretty awful when you get hurt .
    and yeah, i still like watching Tom and Jerry .. do they have new episode ? because i already watched a thousand times but i want new.. new LOL episode.. hehe.



    1. Thanks Paul.
      I think so there is nothing wrong in availability of phantom candies. Kids know that its different from the real thing. Most of them have gulped enough of smoke because of passive smoking.

      Regarding Tom and Jerry, there a’int any new shows. I guess. However I did see few episodes on Cartoon Network of the show called Tom and Jerry Tales. Sadly All the of the show had gone into graphics enhancement.


  3. Rakshit Monga says:

    I love the second point – shaving isn’t cool.. so true


    1. Yaa… Thats a pain…


  4. Saru Singhal says:

    Enjoyed it and you’re right on every point. I do remember those cigarettes, was addicted to it 😛


    1. Not a bad addiction I guess


  5. G! says:

    oh my God.. your’s is an extremely cute post… & i am damn glad to know that there are more who feel like me!


    1. Hey, thank you so much for the kind comment. I am absolutely from your school of thoughts.

      “A creative man is a child who refused to grow up”

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I loved this post Avinash. Took me on a ride to childhood day. When scoring high was most stressful thing ever. Have you read this post of mine? My mother is a teacher and wanted me to writing something for children. Let me know how you find it 🙂


    1. Thank you Parul. Really loved your post too. Now i believe, that great minds think alike 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha ha! Totally agree great mind!

        Liked by 1 person

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