Management Lessons From Childhood Memories

A father Teaching his sons to ride bike
“Don’t worry! I am right behind you !”

One of the greatest lessons in life are hidden in our childhood memories.

Remember the time of our 1st Cycling Lesson. That fear in our mind of being first timers, “what if I  fall down”. And those assuring words from Dad , “you will do fine”.  You are not only excited but also petrified but your father just know how you feel.  You are nervous, he is clam; you are not sure, he knows why. For a micro-second, you think of quitting but his presence gives you enough courage to give it a try.

You agree to try on one condition: “Please be behind me and hold me through the ride”, which your father plainly agrees on.

Here you go: your hands firm on handle, your eyes on the street, one feet on the pedal and another on the ground. You know its time but you re-check if dad is holding the rear of the bike, which he does.

You start the pedal, experience some unbalance but dads there for you. Slowly the balance gets firm and you get confident. You start accelerating and you cannot stop smiling. A minute later you look back to see if dad is still holding the bike but you only see his smiling face in little distance. You are in disbelieve that all this time, you were riding it on its on and you did fine. “After all”, you tell yourself, “its not that difficult.”

The Lesson 

All the team leaders must act like Father who trains his son how to ride bicycle. All first timers are low on confidence and need a push. They need a assurance that someone is looking after them, right behind them and will not let them fall. The leader should give that push to his team.

Right Induction, training and motivation is the key
The making of the Star

With right Induction and Motivation, a leader can connect with his team and create a wavelength to take the task. With subsequent training and assurance, the task will look easier and the goal will become visible. This can be making of new star for the organization.

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  1. That’s a beautiful piece! We have all gone through this little training. Thanks for taking me back to the golden days.


    1. Thank you Parul for the sweet comment . I agree this training is same for everyone

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