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Last week, I was having this conversation with my cousin and he tells me that a book by Robin S. Sharma had changed his life. He says that he had started feeling happiness in every thing he does by applying in his real life what is mentioned in that book. But, having read the book myself, I haven’t been able to connect with it the way he has or millions others who have read the book. This may be because I read the book when I was too young or say I wasn’t able to obtain as much as I am suppose to. This however, made me re-read some of my favorite books from which I still have a lot to take from.

Following is my list of re-reading:

1. Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand)

If there is one author whose books get better by each read, then it has to be Ayn Rand. Having read her Fountainhead multiple times, I have decided to have a quality reading time by re-reading Atlas Shrugged.  Similar to her other books, which promote objectivity and individualism, this book also celebrates the spirit of capitalism. Iconic long conversations and strong characters are salient feature of this book.

Other Recommended books by the Author:

i. Fountainhead

ii. We the Living



2. ThFifth Mountain (Paulo Coelho)

Brazilian Novelist and Lyricist is no stranger to readers. His book, The Alchemist has made him a household name around the world. The Fifth Mountain is the story of a prophet who takes an exile from a Kingdom and lives in disguise with a widow and her child. The story of the book is inspired by a Hebrew Bible and may appear religious but it’s a strong metaphor for self confidence and desire for finding good in oneself.

Other Recommended books by the author:

i The Alchemist

ii. Eleven Minutes

3. The Class (Erich Segal)

I really enjoy books based on a period and The Class by Eric Segal is definitely a period book. Based on the Harvard class of 1958, the book follows the diverse state of 5 members of the class. I can never put the opening lines out of my mind:

“COLLEGE YEARS: We took the world as given. Cigarettes Were twenty-several cents a pack, and gas As much per gallon. Sex came wrapped in rubber And veiled in supernatural scruples-call Them chivalry. . Psychology was in the mind; abstract Things grabbed us where we lived; the only life Worth living was the private life, and-last, Worst scandal in this characterization- We did not know we were a generation”.

Eric Segal, famous for his “Love Story”, wrote this book so agreeably that I wish, I would have read it after my college years.  However, I can still re-read it.

4. Life of Pi (Yann Martel)

With the movie releasing soon, I want to re-read this book again because all the details, discussions and the love for the book will be lost as soon as I watch the movie. The dramas and effects of the movie will replace my imagination about this unusual tale and its events. There are only a very few movies based on books which have not disappointed the readers (such as, Memoirs of Geisha and Namesake) and I hope Meera Nair does justice to this book.

I have same the thoughts for Deepa Mehta’s Midnight Children but I am sure with narrow minded politicians in India, a theatre experience will definitely be denied. (If you know about Salman Rusdie’s relations in India).

 Some other books on my Re-reading list:

  1. Malgudi days Entire Series (Don’t ask me why, I simply Love it)
  2. The Bourne Identity (Movie is still not good enough for me)
  3. City of Djjins (A dose when you miss Purani Dilli )
  4. God of Small things (Wonderful writing and great deal of hidden messages.

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  1. A.S.R says:

    Yay for ayn rand. This author literally influenced me more than all my teachers put together.


    1. Her writing is still so relevant. Ayn Rand is still one of the best in the world.


  2. A.S.R says:

    Man, this is a great blog..going through it post by post.


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