Lets PicoVico !

Picovico Logo

Every day we come across numerous applications on mobile, web or other platforms. Each time we wonder – “Whats new in it?”

Honestly when I was introduced to “PicoVico“, I asked the same question to myself and I was disappointed because I didn’t find anything new in it. However, when I used it, I found that its uniqueness is nothing but its simplicity and the ease of use.

Picovico is the web-social app which helps you convert your photo-albums into cool video. All you have to do is select photos from either Facebook, Flickr or browse from your system, select the sound tracks, ad subtitles, ad. effects and your video is ready. You can also share your video in Facebook and Youtube.

Here is the sample video

Folks at Picovico (who also happen to be my friends) are very excited that in such a short time, Picovico has made its mark social networking sites. Still, there is long way to go for both the product and for the team. Also, I believe that Picovico desperately needs to go mobile. A mobile application for smart phones can change the dimension of this app.

Surely we might see many versions and editions in future, but I believe it should not change one thing in the core element of Picovico- that is its simplicity and ease of use.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

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