Green Companions of your Journey

Whenever and where-ever i travel on rail or road , one companion is always there. Whatever is my destination, it follows me where-ever I go. My companion are the lust green views from my seat windows.

Green farms, lazy cattles, deep rivers, wondered jungles, long trees or mustard belts- they are most parts of your beautiful journey.

Ins’t it one for you!

Its like watching a rural beauty who don’t even realize that she is so beautiful. She makes no attempt to look pretty or sexy– just that it has in her. Un-intentionally  seeking your attention and even making you disappointed when you miss her sight.

Dont you fancy whose house is there?

Then you come across long palms standing tall and proud. The formation so sharp and wide that even the best military format would fall shy. It seems that these palms are stationed here to protect these lands for thousands of years, giving them shade and looking after them. Its like nature made its own light towers.

Then finally you get a site of slum. You realize that big city is approaching. You see long lanes of concrete and mean buildings. Your journey ends here!! :((

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  1. Harsha says:

    Such Sights are so Amazing especially when you are on a long Train Journey..That is why Train Journey’s are my favorite.. 😀


    1. Yes Harsha, Train journey is blissful provided you have comfortable seats and less crowd (Did I ask too much from Indian Railways ? )


  2. Indian railways is trying to turn into a money making machine by stuffing people into births where you cant even sit, forget about lying. I still love the first class compartments. I managed to get into one about four years ago, watching the greener and waving out to little kids it was fun. Alas, its a rare luxury these days.


    1. Rather than money making machine, its a clueless Regime. I dont see any development in Indian Railway whatsoever. There is no desire to change the hygiene or speed. The last breakthrough in speed was Satabdhi express which was 25 years ago.


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