Facebook Introduces Timeline for Business Pages

You must have noticed that Facebook has made some changes in its policies regarding display ads and business pages. On 29th February, 2012, Facebook organized its first ever marketing event where first ever timelines for the Business were unveiled. According to press release, it was announced that Facebook would make it compulsory for all Business pages to have timelines. The marketers have till 30th March to make changes in their business pages. After that Facebook will automatically convert all pages.

This means that all the time and money you invested in designing your landing page is now a mere waste. The image banner which was charm of your page will not be required now. The FBML is now history.

Here are some of the tips for effective use of Timeline.

Components of Timelines

There are following components:

1. Cover Photo

2. Profile Picture

3. Facebook page Tab

4. Page Timeline

[IN this post, I will keep my discussions limited to Photo and Profile Picture]


Cover Photo keeps the topmost shelf of your page and is the first thing visitors see. Hence it is important to pay attention to the cover page. Here are some early movers to timeline.

Facebook Page for Manchester United
Click here to Visit the Page
Facebook page for the starbucks
One of the first movers to Timeline

Facebook guideline suggests that the cover image should be 399 pixel wide. However, it looks best with 855 pixel high and 320 pixel wide dimension.

Also, the guidelines says  that cover photo should not contain following:

  • Price information/ discount offers
  • Contact information, Urls, email address, etc
  • Use of references such as “Like”, “share”, “suggest your friends”


It was popular practice to make attractive profile picture with latest marketing theme. Now, the permissions are reduced to 180 x 180 display picture. I know, we all will miss 180x 540 ad banners of pre-timeline facebook.

I will cover the remaining part of timelines in coming post.

Thanks for reading

2 Comments Add yours

  1. rakshitm says:

    Thanks for the post. Crisp & simple!


  2. Tanay says:

    Just the info someone needs to make the move to timeline.
    Bdw, A new saying by comedy central,

    Dont judge a facebook by its cover photo !!


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